U.S College Guidance



Assist American and International students-athletes in getting admitted into colleges and universities in the United States.


Due to the large investments the United States makes in education, there are numerous colleges and universities that have trained many visionaries to become great leaders, professors, sport coaches, doctors, lawyers, architects, and business executives, among many other professions. In addition, studying in the US offers the student access to modern facilities with the latest technologies that provide current knowledge and skills necessary for a successful future.


College education in the USA presents a unique opportunity and a great advantage for those desiring an academic program that allows the student to design his/her course of study. In addition, most schools assist its students in gaining a practical insight into specific subjects by emphasizing practicality, and adopting a hands-on approach to learning, as these colleges team up with companies that offer internship opportunities during the later years of the student’s college program.

Most US colleges also offer an approach to education with an international dimension, where global issues are part of the curriculum and broader perspective are an essential part of the college experience. There are also orientation programs in place during the first few days at college that assist international students/athletes in dealing with issues on immigration, living in the US, employment policies and regulations, and to help the student/athlete adjust to the campus life as well.


Organizational plan
Recommendation strategies
SAT and ACT testing guidance
Identifying the proper schools for the student/athlete
Application process
Interview preparation
Assistance in applying for Financial Aid
Assistance with Academic and/or Athletic Scholarships


Students-Athletes must be in High school/grades 9th, 10th, 11th or before entering the 12th grade at the latest (the earlier the better).
Students/Parents must have a working email address and telephone, and be able to communicate in Spanish or English.

Important information:

Admission officers at US colleges and Universities value the student/applicant’s strong academic foundation and an adequate educational preparation, as well as every applicant’s extracurricular commitments such as Sport and Arts programs, community participation and volunteer work.
In addition, they carefully review each student’s vision, passion, character and personal qualities, as well as letters of recommendation, high school transcripts, essays and standardized test scores (SAT and ACT).
For these reasons, it is very important to begin your US college admission process as early as possible (ideally on your first year of high school), especially if you’re an international student.

For information and to begin your US college journey:

Alain Guillen

US College Admission Guidance Counselor


Mobile: (305) 790-8440