U.S Travel Details


Most of our programs are all-inclusive and therefore these provide lodging, food, transportation and cultural/leisure activities for all participants. However, the airfare and travel medical insurance is not included, unless requested by the participant. Upon request with sufficient time in advance and upon agreement, said airfare and travel medical insurance then could be arranged by our organization and added to the cost of the program.

Each traveler must complete the required forms in order to be allowed to participate in our programs. Traveling forms can be found here.


Athletes of ages 12 and up are welcome to take part in any and all of our programs by participating with your club team and/or by traveling separately without your coach or club team (if desired) with the purpose of participating in events such as summer camps and other events as those listed on the “student/athlete travel programs” page.


A coach traveling with a team composed of twelve or more athletes will receive a free complementary stay which includes his/her accommodations, transportation and food, courtesy of Atleto. The airfare and travel medical insurance is not included by Atleto for said coach.


Who are not part of the coaching staff of the participating sports team and desire to travel to watch the sport event and/or to accompany a participating athlete (s) will be responsible for arranging their own air and land transportation, lodging, food and everything else related to their own trip.

Our organization will offer the parents and/or companions all of the information regarding the sport event, and all the details of the athletes’ program including but not limited to the exact location where the athletes will be staying, and the details of the activities included in the program.


Travelers transportation options during the trip are dependent upon the number of travelers, the type of event, and travelers need and/or desire. Below please find the two options.

1) A private bus and a professional driver

2) A rental vehicle(s) with capacity for the number of passengers and luggage traveling. Said vehicle must be driven by one of the group’s responsible adult travelers.


Accommodations for our participants are based on three to four athletes per room except for the coaches (single or double occupancy) and it’s generally at sport hotels, university dorms and/or at 3-4 star hotels.

Sports facilities

Our programs are most often held at sports facilities located at private schools, safe public facilities, city colleges and/or universities.

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